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This page is intended to list our contributors and help us get some of our directories and citations pages indexed quicker so that they can help provide some SEO benefit to our site.

Now, citations and directories don’t provide as much seo juice/power/equity/ or any other jargon fuelled buzz word, but they still provide a little, and as such it would be remiss not to add some of the few that still add some value.

Now in order to get this page indexed I will need to fill it up with some relevant and unique content as there will be a few OBL’s on here; in theory harder to index, thus not helping the links it links to that links to use.

<That was very Friend’s they know we know that we know they know, don’t ya think?>

If you’ve read this far you’ve realised the crafty, machiavellian, sneaky (LSI words anyone) of this post, hence you have my permission to pee off and check out the more proper versions of the websites and throw me a few pennies .

If a citation is buried in 1000’s of pages on a website then it can be months even years before it is indexed, but at which point that business has either crashed and burned or is successful to the point that a shitty citation wouldn’t have any positive effect. Even if crawled soon by search engines it is unlikely to be indexed to the thin content on the page.

This is where a link from this page comes in. If you can get them indexed relatively quickly it will add a small boost on a website’s initial foray in the SERP market. A thin citation page which has an incoming link has a much higher change of being indexed on the first pass, so voila here we are. You watching me filibuster a post to help some other web page rank.

The plan is to leave this post as an orphan page and try to get it indexed by submitting via GSC and also this link service – which I have used for free over the years, so a link to them is the least I can do; plus this page is full of OBL’s – what’s another one hey!

I’m even going to add some links my site has from lower DR’s see if my link to them will help raise their UR/DR and help improve the power of that link too.


So here goes, we are currently listed in these directory/citations/small link directories



Awaiting confirmation on these bad boys




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