Haro Helpers lucky 13 best websites to get editorial links from

Let Haro Help You – Lucky 13 – The Simplest and Easiest Media Outlets/Websites to Get Links From Who Use Haro

Haven’t had much luck using HARO recently? Have all the tricks up your sleeve (crafting click-bait titles, responding to requests in five minutes, reaching out to reporters on LinkedIn…) still fallen short of generating a response much less a link from Journalists.

Fear not. We’ve all been there, even some of our writers have experienced ‘linkers’ block. Truth is, when it comes to boosting your SEO efforts, it will take time and patience to build links and become a reputable site in the eyes of search engines and appear on Page one 😉

Every CEO, marketer, and SEO strategist will agree; they all want to take a simple but effective path to develop a successful SEO strategy – generating easy backlinks to their website from sources with a high domain rating (DR), all without having to spend a dime of money; time isn’t a promise we can deliver on. After all, if it was quick and easy, everyone would be succesful right?

The PR resources available are aplenty in the medium space, making it vital for every business to find ways to maximize their use of these resources and not just for the hot ones. Whether it’s Buzzsumo, Buzzstream (lots of Buzz’s), and even good ole google alerts, there are many ways to skin an SEO cat.
We wrote a post about alternatives to HARO, giving you the skinny on the good, bad and ugly of these other PR options.

HARO is home to renowned journalists and bloggers looking for input on different topics in exchange for a feature, with the unspoken agreement of a (hopefully) follow backlink to your site, from their article hot off the virtual press.

On average, the success rate for outreaches on HARO is between 7 – 15%. For each of their queries, HARO themselves say journalists and bloggers can reportedly receive dozens to even hundreds of pitches from different companies, making your odds to get a backlink through HARO or other alternatives a long shot. 

Fortunately, HARO does have low-hanging fruits (websites) lying around that are responsive and more than willing to give backlinks. Anyone familiar with HARO will notice these not so secret sites. Bonus – most of them offer dofollow links

In this article, we’ll share easy peasy lucky for some – 13 media outlets/websites you can pitch to so that you can prioritize your time pitching them rather than taking your chances on the more difficult queries and websites.

* Full-disclosure:  Be sure to also do your research on the sites mentioned and read the fine print whenever they send queries on HARO. Most of them will respond if your business is also related to their niche.

** Heads up! We measure credibility rating by taking into account the website’s metrics – taken from Ahrefs, including do-follow links, organic traffic, Referring domains, how long it takes them to publish, topical nature, and reputation/credibility of the website.


easy websites with good metrics to get links from


Dhis marketing-focused site comes packed with different metrics to help you easily track your company’s performance. Databox allows you to create custom metrics, share reports with your team, and receive notifications whenever certain statistics are off-track.

They produce comprehensive articles on all topics associated in and around metrics, KPI’s, data and so on. Ranking very high for these keywords, so getting your name, insights and website on these pieces can lead to warm, qualified traffic to your website.

As you’ll see in the metrics below, receiving backlinks from Databox can be instrumental to helping your site rank high on search engines:

Domain rating: 80
Credibility rating: 4/5
Conversion rate avg : 75%
Referring domains: 9,800
Monthly Organic Traffic: 68,950

However, there is one drawback when pitching to Databox – it can take time before you receive a response. This could be attributed to their writers needing ideas in advance to add to their editorial calendar which will be published in the coming weeks.

Bonus Tip: You can also sign up for their newsletter, wherein they will send you emails to remind you if they need more contributors to upcoming and (if you respond quickly) urgent articles.

databox insights need email example
Carol Roth

Carol Roth


Carol Roth’s blog (Business Unplugged) can be the perfect place for small businesses and entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas in exchange for backlinks. Roth is always active on HARO, trying to gain insight from other entrepreneurs on how they run their businesses.

The good news when pitching to this website is that most of her queries on HARO are usually urgent, making it vital that your business be one of the first to submit a response.

They send you a form to fill in and then fingers crossed you’re featured in the article.
This one isn’t great for SEO, as it’s likely you will be one of many outbound links – we have seen 100+ OBL’s in some of their pieces; but for branding and possible referral traffic, it’s worth the email. Carol is also a fun person to follow on Twitter.

Domain rating: 61
Credibility rating: 4/5
Conversion rate avg: 89%
Referring domains: 1,667
Monthly Organic Traffic: 3,03

Referral Rock

Referral Rock


Another site effective for those in the marketing niche is Referral Rock. Referral Rock is a company that helps businesses effectively increase their brand awareness with affiliates, partners, brand ambassadors, and of course, potential customers.

Similar to Databox, receiving a response from your pitch with Referral Rock can take some time. But, if you’re patient enough and send the right pitch, the backlinks will flow!

Domain rating: 78
Credibility rating: 3/5
Conversion rate avg: 83%
Referring domains: 5,779
Monthly Organic Traffic: 50,852

They send out periodical emails to ask for advice on impending and upcoming articles, where you can jump the HARO queue

referral rock roundup queries email
Readers digest

Reader's Digest

This site needs no introduction. Pitching an idea to Reader’s Digest can be effective for any business, especially those in the food, home design, and fashion niche. Reader’s Digest is also the only site in this article that, in our eyes, deserved a 5/5 credibility rating.

Consequently, this site is also the hardest of the 13 to receive a backlink from, but don’t be afraid to share your ideas whenever they send a query. Journalists from Reader’s Digest usually send multiple queries within the day, and they have a few outlets which your quotes can be published on

Domain rating: 87
Credibility rating: 5/5
Conversion rate avg: 18%
Referring domains: 251,659
Monthly Organic Traffic: 13,562,013




Gift Bee is an affiliate site perfect for businesses that want to promote their physical or digital products. While your brand can receive increased visibility, this is a simple enough link to get with some simple research and a decent recommendation to their HARO query.

They don’t respond and will always just use your comments as is. Not a bad thing where being ignored can actually help with your credibility from. This is a simple, semi useful, follow backlink.

Domain rating: 37
Credibility rating: 2/5
Conversion rate avg: 40%
Referring domains: 273
Monthly Organic Traffic: 1,612




Fupping is one of the easier sites in this article for your business to receive backlinks and promote your products. However, don’t be fooled, the 90+% conversion rate comes with a catch.

As evidence of our 1/5 credibility rating, Fupping is also another affiliate site that takes a while to respond and uses non-authentic editorial.
They cut and paste comments – likely – not even reading them. We have seen some articles that quoted the same person’s recommendations 3-4 times in a row. Credibility low, yes, easy and kind of effective backlinks, also yes.

Domain rating: 62
Credibility rating: 1/5
Conversion rate avg: 90%+
Referring domains: 4,884
Monthly Organic Traffic: 8,959

Welp Magazine

Welp Magazine


Similar to Fupping and Gift Bee, Welp is another affiliate site on this list that can provide your website with easy backlinks.
These tend to be in the office and tech equipment niche. So if you want a backlink for recommending your favourite mouse or best webcam, this is the site for you. If you’re a tech-based site/company then the topical nature of these links is very helpful, less so for other businesses. But, an easy link nonetheless.

Domain rating: 58
Credibility rating: 2/5
Conversion rate avg: 90%+
Referring domains: 4,061
Monthly Organic Traffic: 16

gobanking rates

Go Banking Rates

Arguably one of the best sites on this list, Go Banking Rates is one of the ‘new kids on the block’ when it comes to personal finance websites. They are a very active site on HARO that can help businesses in the finance niche increase their credibility with the help of their 3.5 million Monthly Organic Traffic.
They are one of the more common media outlets and you will find them on the newsletters most days. Easy enough to find the opportunities, almost just as easy to get the links.

Go Banking Rates’ blog publishes different types of content, from investing tips to different breaking news and events.
Domain rating: 81
Credibility rating: 4/5
Conversion rate avg: 68%
Referring domains: 93,623
Monthly Organic Traffic: 3,551,965


Pretty Progressive


Pretty Progressive is another affiliate site perfect for businesses to promote their brand and products.
Easy to get a link, the problem being you don’t know until 6 months later if it is successful or not. Meaning you could have a few links all published at the same time. Take our advice pitch 1-3 times, but take your time on an effective pitch.
Their blogs mostly discuss the following topics:
Personal development
Home improvement
And more

Domain rating: 44
Credibility rating: 2/5
Conversion rate avg: 95%
Referring domains: 930
Monthly Organic Traffic: 7,848


Levi Keswick


The last but not the least affiliate site to make it to our list is Levi Keswick. Similar to the previous affiliate sites mentioned in this article, Levi Keswick’s website is perfect for businesses who want to showcase their products. But, as with all the other affiliate sites in this list,
Can we frame the journalist not replying to you in a better way?

Domain rating: 26
Credibility rating: 2/5
Conversion rate avg: 92%
Referring domains: 435
Monthly Organic Traffic: 3,156


CEO Blog Nation


If you’re a budding entrepreneur or small business owner, you should jump on every request opportunity CEO Blog Nation sends through to HARO. While this site may be exclusive to CEOs, it doesn’t mean your business can’t get any backlinks. 

We’re all aware CEOs are usually too busy taking care of business to be dealing with PR outreach and marketing matters, so it is common practice for businesses to outsource or hire writers to send pitches on their behalf.

Excellent site for thought leaders, you are usually amongst a bunch of outbound links though. They used to take an age to publish – 3 months plus, but now it’s a lot quicker, usually under a month.

They also publish on sub domains such as hear.ceoblognation and read.ceoblognation, so even if you get 2+ links from this site, they will provide slightly more link value than some of the other repeat domains on this list 🙂

Domain rating: 71
Credibility rating: 3/5
Conversion rate avg: 60%
Referring domains: 3,538
Monthly Organic Traffic: 1,972




Upcity is a business that helps bring trust and transparency to the B2B world. In contrast to some of the sites mentioned in this article, Upcity is active in responding to pitches from HARO as most of their queries are on a tight deadline.
They rank very well for marketing, websites, graphics and design, so if your site aligns with any of your categories you should totally make this site your #1 pitch priority.

Domain rating: 83
Credibility rating: 4/5
Conversion rate avg: 22%
Referring domains: 10,723
Monthly Organic Traffic: 227,781


Good Firms


Good Firms is a full-fledged research platform that primarily offers services catered to IT companies and software solutions. While their high domain rating and credibility make it enticing to give it your best shot in responding to their queries on HARO, Good Firms can take a while to respond to their HARO queries (some have even tried six months!). Also, Good Firms sometimes assign your link as a no-follow link or change from follow to nofollow later down the line
Domain rating: 83
Credibility rating: 4/5
Conversion rate avg: 40%
Referring domains: 33,615
Monthly Organic Traffic: 254,664

Final Thoughts


If you’ve heard about the wonders of HARO and what it can mean for your business’ overall strategies but haven’t had much success lately, don’t give up hope. It can take weeks to get a response from your outreach, but nothing good ever comes quick. And try not to piss off a haro journalist!

As you can see the affiliate sites dominate the space for quick and easy HARO links. It’s a no brainer to get quick links from them, as well as investing some research and pitching time to get links from the other, more beneficial websites.

Learning the ins and outs of HARO can be difficult, especially if you don’t have much patience.

If this has whetted your appetie somewhat, let us know and we can send you a cheat sheet to help you get started. And more link building advice for the other platforms, with Terkal and Qwoted starting to provide gettable links too.

By Bretto

Founder of Haro Helpers. An ex traveller, current CEO and future retiree.