Journalist Hunting – The Thrill Of The Chase

journalist hunting

Table of Contents Journalist Hunting – The Thrill Of The Chase   Usually Journalist’s are hunting others down, whether for a story, comment or a reveal. In the context of this article we will be referring to Journalist’s that are regular users of platforms such as Terkel, Qwoted, Help A Reporter, Sourcebottle and more Why […]

HARO alternatives | The good, bad and ugly.

HARO - Help a reporter out logo don't use them

HARO alternatives: the good the bad and the ugly of PR and backlink services                                                    Here we go! This article shows where you can actually find everything you need to know, when it comes to PR and backlinks. The reality is SEO is complicated – and forever changing. Let’s be honest, when you’re trying to build […]

THE DARK SIDE OF HARO and Help a Reporter Out

the dark side of haro and help a reporter out

Table of Contents THE DARK SIDE OF HARO I might be kinda biased but even I can admit that using HARO isn’t all bells and whistles. Help a reporter out platform has been around since 2007, and in that 14 years a few issues have crept in.  I’ve talked about how great it is and […]

How To Piss off a HARO Journalist ;)

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Table of Contents HOW TO PISS OF A  HARO JOURNALIST   We’ve seen enough and sent enough pitches to journalists to realise what can get their goat or down right piss them off.  Strap yourself and read on to find out how to stay on the right side of them and keep that glorious press […]